Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Baby Isaac

Yep, I picked up Isaac today!  He is just precious.  At fifteen months, he is in the exploration stage.  We walked out the back door into the beautiful day, and he could not decide which way to go.  It was as if he wanted to take everything in at once.  He loves our dog, Pooh, but he does not want him to get too close.  When he does Isaac will place his little finger over his puckered lips and say, "Suss, Suss!" 

After school, Leslie burst through the door, dropped her bookbag in the floor and rushed to her baby cousin as fast as she could.  She picked him up and hugged him and was rewarded with, "Wezzie!". I stood and breathed in the love between them as Isaac wrapped his little arms around her neck and squeezed tight. His face beaming.

Family is so important, and I just can not get enough of mine.


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