Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Betrayal - A Precinct 11 Novel by Jerry Jenkins

What a perfect time for this family friendly, murder/suspense novel set on the gang-infested streets of Chicago.  This book took me back to the Golden Age of TV, when you could sit down with your parents and watch a great detective show chock-full of suspense and intrigue, but minus the foul language, gore, and sexually inappropriate scenes. Think McMillan and Wife, The Rockford Files, Canon, and Hart to Hart. Detective Boone Drake of the Chicago Police Department has just suffered a bullet to the shoulder while protecting a very important gang informant, making him a hero to the vast city. Lying low from all the hullaballoo of heroism, he works through the pain of his injury as he sets out to clear his new love interest, Haeley Lamonica, of felony charges. Suspects are crawling out of the woodwork and Boone is forced to consider those he respects and honors as possible snitches (responsible for leaking information to the shooter), not to mention the accusations whirling around Haeley. This fast paced, clinch the bottom of your chair, sometimes humorous novel has bestseller written all over it.

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