Monday, July 30, 2012

"The Breakthrough", Jenkins Best Novel Yet

Great stories are those that are insightful, engaging and entertaining while awash with lessons. The Breakthrough by Jerry Jenkins fulfills all the above. This novel kept my interest in a way that caused me to rise an hour earlier each morning just to squeeze in a little “Drake” time.

Boone Drake, Chicago’s Major Case Squad Bureau Chief, is finally reclining and enjoying the good things in life. Even though his wife, Haeley, was awarded a substantial amount of money, he doesn’t accredit that for his happiness for one minute. He has a beautiful, loving wife and has just adopted her son, Max. Their future looks promising.

But, of course, all great novels quickly become filled with almost more tension than a reader can stand. An accident at the home of a friend puts Haeley Drake into a fight for her life.

Boone soon finds himself balancing between being there for his wife and saving his new son from a horrifying future.

His annoyance upon discovering Haeley’s ex-husband’s exaggerated penchant for the green stuff, is overshadowed only by the man’s ugly secret that quickly comes to light.

Drake discovers a nasty tentacle of human trafficking that he had yet to fathom.

Jerry Jenkins is at his best plunging you into the world of human trafficking in a way few have tackled. Weaving a masterful plot that takes you from the streets of Chicago to the hovels of the hutong district in Beijing, China to the ancient city of Tianjin.

If you love to read a great crime story and, at the same time, experience the amazing power of God’s hand, do not miss Jenkins' best novel yet!

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