Monday, May 2, 2011

On Sunday, May 1, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI gave personal effort in moving his predecessor, John Paul II, one step closer to sainthood in the form of a resounding Mass drawing more than a million people to Rome.

Benedict beatified John Paul II, proclaiming him “blessed” by openly venerating his life work.

If you are like me, you might need a definition for beatify. If so, I have included one at the end of the blog, as well as, an explanation of canonization.

During said ceremony Cardinals kissed the casket of the late Pope John Paul, II in St. Peter’s Basilica following his beatification. (Picture above)

Later, the reliquary containing the blood of Pope John Paul II was placed on a pedestal by Sister Marie Simon Pierre.  Sister Marie testified that she was cured of Parkinson’s disease after praying to John Paul II.

A picture of the reliquary is at left.

Cristiana Arru, a lawyer from Rome, said, “Anyone who was in the piazza when he spoke felt as though he was speaking directly to them.”

The pomp and circumstance around the event seemed displaced. To use an old adage taken from a Shakespearean play, it was a lot of “much ado about nothing”. 

As I researched Sunday’s Vatican soiree I could not help but think of Jesus. After all He is the only true intercessor (Romans 8:34). And if you want someone to speak directly to you, try having a little talk with Him.

My imagination began to run wild.  For those that know me this does not come as a surprise. I imagined all the celebratory goings on in Heaven when one becomes a Christian (a saint), acknowledges the blood sacrifice and accepts the free gift of salvation.

Celestial beings, prophets of old, sacrificial saints, and all manner of animals jumping and cheering, while clanking cymbals; tinkling, drumming and blowing on an assortment of shimmering, silver instruments. Large choirs of angels singing as one smooth voice, rising and falling in volume. The beautiful smiling face of Jesus. Wow!  What a sight!

Now that's much ado about something!

Until next time, love and blessings!

Beatify - A recognition accorded by the Catholic Church of a dead person’s entrance into Heaven and capacity to intercede on behalf of individuals who pray in his or her name (intercession of saints). Beatification is the third of the four steps in the canonization process.  A person who is beatified is given the title “Blessed”.

Canonization - It is the act by which a Christian church declares a deceased person to be a saint, upon which declaration the person is included in the canon, or list, of recognized saints. Originally, individuals were recognized as saints without any formal process.Canonization, whether formal or informal, does not make someone a saint; it is only a declaration that the person is a saint and was a saint even before canonization.

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