Monday, April 11, 2011


Castle… a retreat safe against intrusion or invasion.  Hmm, when I looked up castle in the dictionary, I found the aforementioned definition.  There were two others, but I found this one to be the most interesting.  I use castles quite a bit in my book for different reasons.  I will not go into all those just now, but I have decided to share a scene in my book that takes place in one of these strongholds.  I hope you enjoy it.

“Welcome, my friend.” The voice of Almighty God lay smooth on the atmosphere, majestic yet hushed.
“Your Majesty.” Aiteo became aware of his wide unchecked grin. Clearing his throat, he pulled his lips together. He many times expressed his joy with such abandon before his master, but they were there to discuss a royal princess of the King, and he wanted to show his sincerity, and level-headedness for the task.
            He, like all the other assigned protectors, always saw the face of God. Yet, at this moment, he had been honored with a private meeting with the Almighty.
The angel breathed in the scent of olive wood and myrrh and thought about the majesty of his Lord – inescapably capturing, encompassed with great knowledge and wisdom. His white hair, like lightening and fire at war with one another, billowed around His all-knowing eyes that reflected every tiny morsel of existence’s history, and His mouth, when open, spoke endless truth and love.
Instead of the majestic throne room, they sat within a grand castle, an original model for the ones on earth. He allowed a slight chuckle to escape his lips as he thought of man’s arrogance in believing they had initiated the ideas.
            “What do you find so fascinating, Aiteo?” the Almighty inquired.
            Of course the great being knew his Master would already be aware of his thoughts. After all, he reads minds. He was being humored. “Just thinking of your man, my King.”
            “It is extraordinary how he actually believes he is wise in and of himself. Very few realize how mindless they would be without Your inspiration. And, well, I find that fascinating.”      
“Yes, man entertains me with his meditations. But today we are here to discuss one who has a mind set for my work. She is after my heart, Aiteo, and I can use her for my great purpose. As you know, my eyes go to and fro throughout the earth searching for a faithful servant.”
“This one reminds me of David.” Aiteo gazed out the window at the comings and goings of the saints. “Are you saying Katie’s heart is pure toward you in this way?”
“Ah, yes, and just as you saw David become a great king, you will see Katie Mylady become a great princess.”
“Her life is so hard, Master.” Aiteo’s strong confidence began to wobble.

God smiled. “Her day is coming. You know the process too well, my friend.”

Aiteo realized he was more than personally involved in this one. “Tornado, earthquake… tsunami?” He hoped her trial would not be too great.
“On a scale of tornado to tsunami, huh?” God seemed to be enjoying this. He handed the heavenly being his assignment.
After scanning the eternal plan Aiteo jerked his head up and then back to the plan. “How will You do this, my King?”
“Just be patient my trusted servant and watch My will unfold.
His mind began to race at the possibilities. “I will not fail You, my King. Thousands will move under my command to assist your royal princess.” He rose and bowed low with due respect.


  1. I love the imagery and better understand my love for castles.

  2. Thanks, Tonya! I have no idea what's going on with my blog. The formatting keeps changing. My tabs and spacing are just doing their own thing. Do you have a Google blog?