Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Making a Turnout – My Peno Gemizo Elio Stage!

Today I feel the need to share with you some of my musings. Over the last year I have experienced what I now refer to as my “Peno Gemizo Elio” stage. “What on earth are you talking about?” you might ask. Well, before I answer that question, I would like to muse just a bit more. And along the way you may figure it out for yourself.

Life for me has been a roller coaster ride. I know that is a worn out, trampled on metaphor, but it just fits. In the truest sense, I have had numerous hills, valleys, and sharp curves. When you have a child with special needs, the norm is nonexistent.

Just as I was settling in to the childhood stage of a developmentally delayed daughter like a warm, cozy cup of spiced tea, I suddenly found that adulthood had arrived and it was time to rethink, recharge, and make a turnout (a mechanical installation enabling railway trains to be guided from one track to another at a railway junction).

I must say that I have handled this poorly still uncertain of the correct way to negotiate the tracks so to speak.

So, what is a girl to do?

I have latched on to Jesus like a bird in a hurricane!

Most days I have no idea what I am doing, or what I should do. Yet, I know Jesus, and He knows what to do. Just knowing He is there somehow makes sense of it all.

Psalm 18:1- … I love you, LORD; you are my strength. 2 The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the strength of my salvation, and my stronghold.
Psalm 18:28 LORD, you have brought light to my life; my God, you light up my darkness.

So, what does Peno Gemizo Elio mean? To receive into the soul what serves to refresh, strengthen, nourish. Fill yourself with God. (New Testament Greek)

“Woooh! Wooooh! I’m making a turnout.

Love and Blessings, Laura K.


  1. I resemble that remark. And I need to remember He always knows and has a purpose for my understanding. Even before we knew any of our children were "different," I always felt that just about the time I had their moods/reactions/motivations/routines down pat they would change. Living with children of any mind is a constantly evolving challenge, always overseen by our Heavenly Father (even though we don't always notice).

    One saving grace that I am thankful for is that so many unique thinking children, do not always follow the typical prepubescent path. I am thankful that their literal way of thinking does not seem to be affected as much by the hormonal and emotional changes of the typical thinking children. Their changes are much more subtle, and thank God, since we are still trying to learn how to speak literally and without loopholes.

    I pray to learn to be accepting of my own health and emotional challenges, as well as the ones He has set forth for me as a parent.

  2. Laura, thanks for sharing a piece of your life with me. i find myself wanting to know more about you and your daughter. i pray the Lord continues to bless you, i know you are already blessed because you were blessed the day she was born, no matter what you face, you will face them together. and make each a memory- that's what i tell myself... missie

  3. Laura, I'm sure you hear this all the time, but you are so inspiring. I must admit I'm having a little of the baby blues, which surprises me because I never thought I would and didn't with either of the girls. But even as tough or hectic as I think my life is sometimes, I know so many others having much bigger struggles. I am positive you have done a fantastic job raising Leslie and although it may be a different season now, God has equipped you for the task of having an adult daughter! Don't let the enemy tell you any different!

  4. WOW... you do have a beautiful gift with words. I love that analogy... Malia and I just read your blog... and putting Peno Gemizo Elio into our soul...thanks for filling us with something so tangible to start our day. You ARE a blessing. Give Leslie our love too!