Sunday, April 17, 2011

Christians Celebrate Palm Sunday in Jerusalem

Thinking about Palm Sunday, I decided to do a little research by surfing the internet. I found the picture at left. Titled - Christians celebrating Palm Sunday at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. For some reason this got me thinking, and a scene came into my heart. So, today I thought I would try my hand at just jotting down that scene and posting it here.

On the Way to Worship

“So, Master, what do you think?” The short, wiry man took quick, clipped steps.

“Josiah, my brother, I do not believe you can handle my thoughts.”

“But, look. Do you not see the sacrilege?” He scanned their surroundings with his outstretched arm.

He laughed heartily. “Sacrilege. I believe this requires a stronger word.”

Josiah picked up his pace to fall alongside his master’s smooth, long stride. “But, l…look, that man – he still scoffs at those that believe in your second coming.” He pointed farther ahead. “And, him, he worships false gods and plots to kill your followers.”

He smiled. It was a generous smile, set in wisdom. “I knew all this would come to pass before I wept over Jerusalem. Such blasphemies do not surprise me.”

“So why did you come here today? Is there one you wish to condemn? I know many men, if there is one, I can find him.”

“I did not come to condemn man; I came seeking those who will join me in the New Jerusalem.”

“Yes, yes.” Twisting his hands as one might conjure up spirits; Josiah lifted first one shoulder and then the other. “But, do you not want to set your chosen apart? In safety.”

“Why would I want to do that? Who then would go into the fields?”

“But look, my Lord, they are killing innocent babies. We must destroy them.”

“I love them. I must beckon them, come follow me.”

“Oil, a much needed resource, is being horded by those that plot against us. They want to kill us!”

“Rest safely. I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in My name.”

The horn of the taxi pierced Josiah’s ear and he jumped away from the encroaching bumper. “See, Master, so much hate. No consideration for their fellow man.”

He reached and tousled his hair. “I order My angels to protect you wherever you go.”

At last they entered the elaborate cathedral. Hundreds stood waving palm and olive branches. Josiah held the donkey as Jesus mounted. The fragrant incense washed over them.

His garments, white as snow, glowing, giving notice to the deep scars in his hands and feet, billowed over the sides of the donkey.

Two muscular heavenly beings walked on either side of them adorned in the same light.

Josiah lowered his voice. “I do not understand my King. Why did you come here today?”

“I am here to inhabit the praise and worship of My people.”

As they drew closer to the worshipers, heaven opened wide revealing a choir of angels who joined in their song of praise. “Hosanna to the King of Kings, whose blood sacrifice, has saved us all! Praise and glory to His name forever and ever!”

Love and Blessings, Laura K.


  1. Wow, Laura. This is really great!It reminds me how far away I often am from the true heart of Jesus.

  2. Thank you, Beth! It really spoke to me. I guess that is why I wrote it. :) Look forward to seeing you May 16th!